Unboxing: Glamourbox February 2013

Missing my opportunity to nab a box for 2 months in a row, you can tell that I was rather strategic the third time. As soon as I received the announcement when the Glamourbox February 2013 boxes would be available, I set an alarm to wake me up (since I work at night and sleep during the day) 5 minutes before the sale becomes active. As silly and obsessed as it sounds, my plan worked (and yes, you can borrow my idea)! :)

Glamourbox February 2013

In lieu of the most romantic time of the year, this month's Glamourbox bursts hearts all over.

Text says:

This love month, it's easy to think that makeup would be our best bet to being beautiful. But you know what, Glambabes? A woman is most attractive when she has fresh, glowing hair and skin! We therefore selected an array of beauty products that enhance your natural beauty.

Love being in your own skin this February with your new beauty collection from Glamourbox

xoxo, Glamourbox team

Glamourbox February 2013 contents:

KJI & CO Emergency Lash Rx (full size 2ml, Php 1350)

This lash serum prevents new virgin hair from being adversely affected by cosmetic and environmental factors. Users will see dramatic improvement in lash volume, texture and density.

Call me cray but I don't want longer lashes. I wear eyeglasses and sunglasses all the time and it's just a pain to continuously wipe the lenses. I may not want length but I want volume. Lots and lots of lush lashes! I've tried around 4-5 popular lash treatments and all of them made my lashes longer but not thicker. :( Here's to hoping I'd get more volume than length!

SNOE BEAUTY Oil for All Argan Oil (full size 25ml, Php 799)

Argan Oil has been gaining recognition for its restorative and anti-aging benefits to skin and hair. High in Vitamin E, this "Liquid Gold" heals dry skin, prevents acne breakouts and reduces marks and fine lines.

Due to my recent acne surgery (I went for round 2 just last Saturday, 3 weeks after the first one), I can't use anything oil based on my face. My mom's been lemming to try Argan Oil for the longest time so the tiny brown bottle (2-3 ml sample I assume) went to her.

THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Moisture Cream (full size 50ml, Php 695)

An easily absorbed daily moisturizing cream that has the lightness of a lotion with the moisturizing benefits of a cream. It helps protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and healthy-looking.

I've tried this in the past and it's a relatively safe moisturizer. Especially great if you're always in an AC'd room!

CARMEX Squeeze Tube/Jar (full size 10ml and 7.5g respectively, Php 109.75)

Carmex Squeeze Tube/Jar contains natural moisturizers such as cocoa butter & lanolin. These and other emollients give you healthy-looking lips by moistening  preventing chapping caused by the environment.

Like most of you, Carmex is one of my HG lip balms. I rarely run out of this trusty yet inexpensive lip care product. Just for kicks, take a peek at my Carmex stash from 2 years ago, pretty much the same time of the year. :)

My name is Phoebe and yes, I'm a little too hooked on Carmex.

CALVIN KLEIN Beauty (full size 100ml, Php 5,498)

Sophisticated, confident and radiant, Beauty evokes the ultimate power of femininity and sophistication. It captures the spirit of a woman who is beautiful from the inside out, with an aura that radiates.

A little too heavy for daytime use but an absolute yes for happy hour and dinner dates.

The box also included some GCs from Chi Dermatology Clinic (Php 500 value on all services), Wild Peach Cosmetics (35% off on customizable makeup palettes) and Cuzo (Php 500 value, card is housed in a leather business card holder). I was ready to throw the box fillers when I unearthed another surprise!

I got lucky and got one of the boxes that contained a full size bottle of Kerastase Oleo Relax Anti-Frizz! :) I gushed about it in this post and because I'm not yet halfway done with another bottle, I'd like to share the one I got from Glamourbox with you!

Kerastase Oleo Relax Anti-Frizz -- mine and yours!

To join the giveaway, just follow the instructions below. Good luck! :)

  1. You must have a valid email and physical Philippine address to join this contest.

  2. Tell me through the comment box below what beauty product/s interest you the most and how much is your monthly budget for it. Example -- spa services Php 5000/month or hair volumizing products Php 500/month. Something like that.

  3. One comment/entry per person please.

  4. I will randomly draw 1 winner on February 25 and will announce the winner on Twitter. You don't want to miss it so follow me too -- twitter.com/phoebeann

  5. The winner will receive his/her prize via courier, cost is on me.

31 comments on "Unboxing: Glamourbox February 2013"
  1. THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Moisture Cream

    Simply because I have dry skin and moisturizers are really a big help in keeping my face healthy and hydrated :) I usually allocate 500 every 2 months for a bottle of moisturizer :)

  2. i would say shampoo and conditioner. i have fine hair (super) so im always on the look for good shampoo and conditioner combo. monthly budget around 500 to 800 a month. =)

  3. i would like to try Carmex because i have chapped lips. P200/month

    christine batiller

  4. Ever since i tried eye brow threading i got hooked and realize the importance of brows to your whole aura! I make it a point to have my eye brows cleaned up or designed every month and dedicate Php200 to Php400.00 every month for the service. Not bad! :)

  5. The product that interest me the most, is probably the Kerastase Oleo Relax Anti-frizz since I have frizzy hair, I think this will help me tame my hair. Basically my budget for hair product/s is usually around P800 a month :)

  6. The product that interest me the most is the Kerastase Oleo Relax Anti-Frizz.I really love Kerastase but my budget for hair products is only 1000/month.I hope i'll win because i do have dry and hard to manage hair.


  7. Lotions and Moisturizers are the beauty products that interest me the most. I spend at least 500pesos every month for these to nourish my extremely dry skin. :)

  8. I spend about 1500 per month for skin care. I've stepped into my 30s and I feel that I should be concentrating on keeping my skin in tiptop shape. I am also willing to pay a little extra for premium items because I have sensitive skin.

  9. Concealer! Php.1000 max though i keep it at least close to just Php.500 a month. its really hard to get that 8hour sleep for a well rested look concealers does the trick and highlighters too : )

  10. For me, it would be lotions for 500/month and moisturizers with a budget of 1000/month.

  11. Shampoo and conditioner - I went back to Pantene after trying several hair products in the last couple of months. It's about 300-350pesos a month.

    Another thing is upper lip wax and just recently I tried eyebrow threading. If I'm not mistaken I paid only 220pesos for both services.

  12. Maria Angeline CasasFebruary 20, 2013 at 1:14 AM

    Hair care products is definitely first on my list as I have sensitive scalp. I usually spent 300.00 for a month or two. Hope to win this product so I can try it too! ♥

  13. I have really thick, long hair and the ends are very damaged. My scalp is also oily but the other parts of my hair are very dry. I make it a point to try new hair serums/hair care products every month to suit my hair's needs. I'm currently using that new Tresemmme hair masque formulated for Filipina hair, and it does an okay job but I would like to try other products. :)

  14. Definitely make up! My monthly budget for my beauty addiction, around Php 1500/month. :)

  15. Having my eyebrows threaded and my underarms waxed once a month is a must! Budget is 500/month.

  16. I am very interested in trying the Kerastase Oleo Relax Anti Frizz. I recently dyed my hair for the very first time and really loving the results. Unfortunately it's been tough on my hair. Most shampoos can't seem to keep my hair soft and volumized. Frizz is also a problem so I am on the hunt for the perfect shampoo + conditioner combo. My budget is around 500 for hair care every month.

  17. I would like to try coloring my hair, I guess that's around 5000/treatment. I haven't done anything to.my hair for a year now, not even a trim! :)

  18. My monthly beauty services would be Browhaus' Classic Threading session, budgeted at PHP650/month, including my tip, and a derma visit (pricking/peel) at around PHP400-1000/month.

    I've been having my eyebrows threaded since highschool so I'm not so fond of furry eyebrows. I've been having them done at Hairwork Greenbelt eversince but I've switched to Browhaus just last month, yay! Admittedly, though, I forget to book myself an appointment every once in a while.

    With regards to derma visits, I've had my share of teenage pimples and it's been better after my first visit to the derma when I was still in highschool. I don't have problems with pimples anymore (they're not cystic, I just have a lot of small ones) but I have a few blackheads here and there so... yeah. :D

  19. Monthly, would have to be facial services and waxing/eyebrow threading services. For facial I allot P1000, waxing/ threading, about P 400-500.

  20. I'm quite addicted to hair products mainly because of my falling hair so I always see to it that I buy quality products. There's really no substitute to finding the right products for my problematic hair. I usually allot P500-600/month for this.


  21. I love moisturizers and serums! I am such an addict on skincare products and am willing to spend 500/month on that. Usually a bottle/tub of moisturizer lasts me 3 months:)

    ***I hope I win this because my Glamourbox Feb box did not have one. :(

  22. Manicure & pedicure service around 400php/month. Adds color to my mood when I look at my colored nails. I love to choose different colors.

  23. What beauty product/s interest you the most and how much is your monthly budget for it?

    My favorite products are Olay moisturizer and Cetaphil cleanser. I always set aside P2500 for my facial products. It makes me feel happy and contended at the same time.

  24. i used to spend at least 1k monthly for make up. Just generic brands now but when i was in the US and when theres a sale I buy more. Ended up buying 2 maybelline mascaras, 2 rimmel blush ons and 3 bath and body lip glosses, 2 cover girl compact powder. But that was in the past... Now, im mostly using up stock make up. But I still spend about 500 pesos or less on items that i need like a decent brush, eyeliner. Gosh the Nishido liquid liner is just 60 pesos and that lasts me months!! And i do put it on everyday.

  25. I allot at least PhP 2,000 for makeup products per month. I buy based on whim or immediate need. I spend the same amount also for skin and hair care products every quarter of the year. :)

  26. Im interested and would love to try the Kerastase.I have frizzy hair and had my hair cut short because of split ends.Having this would prep my hair to grow healthy.They say hair is your crowning glory.Thus I spend just the right amount to make it healthy-looking.Budget would be 500php since I rarely go to salons. :) Hope to win

  27. Moisturizers and anti-aging serums are beauty products that I love buying, interest me the most, and ones that I think an individual should heavily invest in. But I have yet to see if anti-aging serums do really work since I've only tried using them recently after noticing small wrinkles that have made my face their residence. I'm willing to spend around up to Php1,000-1,500 for them since they can last for months even if used on a daily basis. Hair products and treatments to make hair thick and shinier have also gotten me interested lately because I've been getting more bad hair days the past months. My monthly budget for it is around Php 500-1000, but would also still depend on the product and type of treatment.

  28. I'm much into bath products (shower gels, soaps, scrubs, etc.) I set aside around P500 for it monthly and the amount gets carried over.

  29. i set aside 500-1k a month for lip products!

  30. I have regular diamond peel 2x or once a month, which costs about P800 a session. Im more into skin care than make up so i set aside around 400 per month for my supply. But as of late, because of the beuty box craze, i am burning a hole through my pocket subscrijing to different boxes. Just cant stop myself.

  31. I have regular diamond peel which costs about P800 a session. Im more into skin care than make up so i set aside around 300 per month for my supply. But as of late, because of the beuty box craze, i am burning a hole through my pocket subscrijing to different boxes. Just cant stop myself.