Vacay In A Bottle: United Colors of Benetton Body Mist

Just a thought: if vacation trips were housed and sold in bottles, would you hoard on 'em? I would, in a blazing heartbeat. I was looking for a light yet mellow scent when Benetton Fragrances sent me two purple bottles that were more than body mists -- they're instant tickets to Thailand and Morocco!

Today, young people live in a world in motion in which people are always 24/7 connected. This world has become a continuous source of inspiration for them to shape their own style and personality. Inspired by diversity, the core value of UCB, a new collection was imagined around the most inspiring and energizing ingredients from all around the world: the Body Mists collection.

Relaxing Violet and Smoothing Orchid's just two out of the twelve new body mists. I was at FRESH Fragrance Bar the other day when I took a whiff off the rest of the roster. I'm thinking of getting Energizing Pitanga, Sparkling Guarana and Warming Mango just because. Hey -- at Php 499.95 for a 250ml bottle, you can't quite go wrong with that! Here's the list of twelve scents together with the countries they represent:

If you absolutely cannot leave the city for a vacation this summer or you just need a 911 (shopping) break, find the Fresh Fragrance Bar near you and grab your destination in a bottle from Benetton today.

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