Rustan's Welcomes Baby Henri!

When my good friend Sabs announced that she's expecting a baby boy, our beauty blogger barkada was over the moon for her and her hubby. She's at the top of her #bblogger game, got another baby in tow (Nekkid Beauty!), and really -- a healthy baby's just the icing on the cake. In the day and age where everything's fast and rather furious, any help would be much appreciated. In Sabs' case, she hollered on Rustan's Weddings & Beyond to whip up a baby shower registry for her.

Just some of Sabs and Henri's wishlist displayed at Rustan's Weddings & Beyond Makati

I've been to numerous occasions where the celebrants were registered in Rustan's. Haven't we all? :) Whenever I ask them why they chose Rustan's, their number 1 answer is "why not?". Dubbed as the best "one-stop-luxury gift shop" for all occasions, Rustan’s Weddings and Beyond has proven time and time again to be the top choice when it comes to luxe bridal, children's, and gift registry choice in the country with its personalized customer service as its signature edge. When one's registered with Rustan's Weddings and Beyond, they also provide free of charge announcement cards for registrants and even a sweet offer of 10% Discount Card for registrants and their guests. For brides, there's an even sweeter deal -- upon registration, you also get a free Rustan's Frequent Shopper Plus (FSP) card. My favourite treat? Each present is handled with TLC where it's wrapped to perfection and delivered for free within Metro Manila and Cebu. Return and exchange of gifts are also accommodated within 30 days after the registrant's event date.

How pretty! <3

 In Sabs' case, she had her presents delivered to Raffles Makati where we had a noisy & shala afternoon tea party. These cuties greeted me as I walked in:

What's a tea party without scones and macarons? The girls were swooning over these FURLA inspired treats. They were too pretty to nosh!

Don't let the outfits and poise fool you -- these ladies are ready to rumble when the games are on! ;)

I dressed up Baby Henri in green and gray -- mucho Animo spirit! :)

Rustan’s Weddings & Beyond can be reached at the following stores: Rustan’s Makati - 817-8007, Rustan’s Shangri-La - 633-4659, Rustan’s Alabang - 850-5532, Rustan’s Gateway Mall - 911-2410, and Rustan’s Cebu - 231-5642.
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  1. Thank you so much for this post Phoebe! Your post brought back memories of the event this afternoon and I can't help but snicker to myself hahaha! Specially the after-party kwentuhan we had LOL Thank you again so much for coming, it wouldn't have been the same without you!

  2. Ang bilis magpost!

    So nice to see you today, Phoebe! I missed you :D

  3. I will send you the latest Lola chika pa! :) Missed you much too!

  4. Ingatan ang pores! <3