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Over high heels and FriYAY canapes, we said hello to the latest MAC collaboration to grace our shores, MAC Toledo. It wasn't until early last year that I was acquainted with the romantic Cuban-American husband (artist) and wife (fashion designer) powerhouse. At 13, Ruben Toledo felt love at first sight towards Isabel. Isabel on the other hand, fell in love with Ruben's work before falling in love with him.

Poetic colour ushers in a new vitality following winter’s deep chill, as uninhibited shades dance across the face in a free-spirited collection inspired by whimsical flights of fancy. Liberate yourself from darkened tones and explore the free-form movement of frosted lavender, pearlized champagne and pale mint green. Eyes and cheeks explore a new lightness of being in sheer pastels, a perfect complement to rosy lips. Nails leave you free to be, in hushed beige and lavender…expressive colour for the modern spirit.
As bright as their personalities and work outside of the makeup industry, the MAC Toledo collection is just as bold and vibrant as you would imagine it to be. The collection's packaging is dominantly white with black scribbles and whispers of red letters. The actual products? They're pops of colour summer's summoned us to stock on.

To cap the collection launch, one of my high school classmates turned MAC makeup artist, Leah, did a live demo featuring the Violetwink Eyeshadow Palette. Like a real-life fairy godmother, she transformed our flawless model from fresh:

To saucy and sultry:

Here's the model's final look featuring the MAC Toledo key items:

While looking miles different from the model (LOL), here's my quick Moodyblu look featuring one of MAC's staple gun metals, Knight Divine. The crease is intensified using Deep Truth and Exotic Purple (eyeshadows). On my lips is a must have from the collection, Oxblood (yes, it doesn't come close with the *actual* oxblood hue).

The MAC Toledo collection won't be around forever so make sure you check them out in stores to see what tickles your fancy. :) For your reference, here are the items from the collection that made it locally:

BELLGREENS Eyeshadow Palette
FRESH BLADE pale frosted yellow (veluxe pearl)
GORGEOUS GOLD muted yellow gold (veluxe pearl)
SAVANT mid-tone mustard lime (satin)
VICU√ĎA light neutral olive (frost)
CHARCOAL BROWN muted taupe brown (matte)
SUSHIGREEN charcoal olive with multidimensional pearl (velvet)
PHP 2,750

VIOLENTWINK Eyeshadow Palette
SWEET ALLURE soft light pink (satin)
FRENCH CLAY white grey (frost)
STARS ’N’ ROCKETS purple with pink pearl (veluxe pearl)
TENDERSMOKE muted silver lilac (frost)
FRIZZYPLUM dark violet with multidimensional pearl (frost)
OVERNIGHT cool black (matte)
PHP 2,750

MOODYBLU Eyeshadow Palette
MIDNIGHT SNOW pale silver (frost)
IDOL EYES silver violet with gold (lustre)
DEEP TRUTH true dark blue (frost)
KNIGHT DIVINE black with silver pearl (veluxe pearl)
EXOTIC PURPLE dark navy (satin)
INDIGOGO blackened navy with multidimensional pearl (veluxe)
PHP 2,750

CHLORAFILL green line with pearl
DESIGNER PURPLE iridescent violet
PETROL BLUE deep navy with pearl
PHP 1,100

TAROT purple
VYNIL black
PHP 1,320

OXBLOOD light peachy nude (matte)
BARBEQUE vivid orange red (matte)
VICTORIANA mid-tone pink red (matte)
TENOR VOICE true classic red (matte)
OPERA dark red (matte)
SIN deep blood red (matte)
PHP 1,100

OXBLOOD light peachy nude
BARBEQUE vivid orange red
VICTORIANA mid-tone pink red
TENOR VOICE true classic red
OPERA dark red
SIN deep blood red
PHP 1,100

KINDERGARTEN RED crimson into pale nude
RIPE PEACH light coral
AZALEA BLOSSOM light cool pink
PHP 1,800

palest milky nude (cream)
VENUS RED clean true red (cream)
VIXEN deep burgundy red (cream)
PHP 830

PHP 2,420
4 comments on "MAC Toledo"
  1. I bought na Tenor and Opera, plus the Ripe Peach blush, teehee :D

  2. That's an amazing collection and love story. The colors look so varied and fun, but I love the blush ombre most. I find them one of the most wearable next to the lipsticks. :)

  3. Rich Peach blush ombre <333333333