Happy Skin Beauty In Bloom Summer Collection

Summer has officially arrived at the Happy Skin counters and I LOVE IT! While we've seen these beauty candies not too long ago at Beauty Bar, it's only last Thursday that the Happy Skin team launched the InstaBeauty Blur Cream and Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara together with the limited edition summer collection. Beauty, tea, and cheese. Can't quite argue with that! ;)

Oh my cheese! <3

Are you ready to meet and greet the latest from Happy Skin? :)

To start off, there are 2 items from this release that are nicely permanent. They're the InstaBeauty Blur Cream and Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara.

I've had the InstaBeauty Blur Cream (Php 1299) for a couple of days now and I'd like to call it a no-brainer, real-life photo filter. It's quite a multitasker that evens out complexion, fights shine, minimizes pores, and blurs fine lines upon application. It's very lightweight and more than a power-packed primer (it contains anti-aging ingredients like retinol and peptides, collagen-boosting C vitamins, and skin-protecting vitamin E), it also works as a touch-up balm to mattify oily skin. While some like applying it all over the face, I personally apply it only on target areas needing a little more help such as the T-zone and crow's feet. Either way, it's a neat product to try esp. if you're on the go as it saves you a lot of steps and products.

The Eye Am The One Holy Grail Mascara in Perfect Black (P899) IMHO is every Filipina's dream come true in the eyelash department. I have short, sparse, and stubborn lashes that has to be curled to open up morning after morning. I was very hopeful to meet this mascara because I'm really tired of being failed by some mascaras midday (hello uncurled lashes and raccoon eyes!).
“We didn’t want to come out with a mascara unless it was the best,” stresses Rissa, who admits that she has a “special love for mascara.” “So we’re happy to say that this Holy Grail mascara does everything a mascara should,” adds Jacqe. “It lengthens, volumizes, and curls lashes, and the effect lasts all day long!” And because no mascara is worth losing your lashes over, Happy Skin made sure that the formulation removes effortlessly with warm water, even going as far as infusing it with moisturizing hydrolyzed silk to protect damaged lashes and Swertia Japonica extract to stimulate lash growth.

Happy Skin also set out to find the perfect brush after creating the perfect formula. “It was tricky, because we wanted to make both first-time and advanced mascara users happy,” says Rissa, First-time users aren’t familiar with lash-curling application techniques like wiggling the brush, and mascara lovers often resort to scraping off the brush with a tissue because it picks up too much product.

I had the opportunity to try it during the launch as I arrived with naked and uncurled lashes. The results were rather surprising! Thanks to its Maximeyes brush (it's a two-fiber brush that lifts and separates lashes), my lashes were nicely and evenly coated in three swipes. It had slight curl to it too that stayed on for 10 hours until I decided to remove the mascara with warm water. For something smudge-proof, sweat-proof, tear-resistant, and sebum-resistant, I think Php 899 is a sulit price to pay.

On to the colourful members of the team, Happy Skin came up with its staples with a beautiful twist guaranteed to make one bloom year-round.

Happy Skin Beauty in Bloom Limited Edition Superstars
Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies
Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousses
2-in-1 Get Cheeky With Me Blush

Let's first talk about the brand's ultimate best seller, shall we? Whether it's on the blog or on my Instagram (@phoebeannramos), I've posted time and time again how I'm so hooked on Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies. I have almost every single shade from this product line (*cartwheels*) and some I've even repurchased time and time again (Girls Night Out & The Morning After <333 ). :D Fellow fans would absolutely understand this fixation because really, for someone with perpetually dry and chapped lips, these lippies are heaven sent! It's loaded with hydrating Shea butter and skin-protecting collagen and comes in so many flattering shades for a lot of skin tones. This season, they came up with two radiant shades so apt for the bridal or prime makeup looks: Bride-to-Be (fresh, rosy pink) and Hold My Hand (nude shade with a red undertone). These limited edition lippies can be purchased individually for Php 599 or as a pair for Php 999.

My kind of crayons! :) :) :)

I was beaming ear to ear when I found out that albeit limited edition, Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousse has expanded tod two familiar shades - Summer Crush and The Morning After. Yes - they're repromotes of last summer's two limited edition Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies!
When Happy Skin launched last summer’s Shut Up & Kiss Me shades, two hues proved to be instant favorites: the bright pink Summer Crush and the mauve The Morning After. Shares Rissa, “So many people declared it as their favorite lippies on social media. Some even begged us to make it part of our permanent lippie lineup!” Due to public demand, Happy Skin is bringing both shades back, this time as Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousses (P699 each, P1,199/box of 2). “Now you’ll get to use it for your lips and your cheeks,” Jacqe says with a laugh.

If you haven't tried these double-duty beauty workers just yet, you're absolutely missing out! Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousses are blendable, buildable, friendly-for-all-skin-types, plus it works like a charm in all kinds of weather. Apart from being a lip and cheek colour, in a pinch, I also used Warm and Toasty (released late 2014) while traveling as a neutral eyeshadow (it's never greasy no matter how hot it is outside!).

The last duo from this season's limited edition range is the first ever Get Cheeky With Me 2-in-1 blush. It's nicely comprised of two very flattering peaches and pinks!
Happy Skin continues to make women happy by providing them with exactly what they need from their makeup. Case in point: the Get Cheeky With Me 2-in-1 blush (P799), which comes with two shades, the pink Bride-to-Be and Just Peachy. “Peach and pink are the two most flattering colors for all skin tones,” Rissa emphasizes. “Now, women no longer have to choose between the two—they can have both in one palette!” First-time makeup users need not be afraid of the bright colors in the pan, because “We’ve studied the best marriage of pink and peach hues that will leave a perfect flush on the cheeks,” says Rissa. “Just sweep your brush across the pan,” she suggests.

The limited edition Get Cheeky With Me also comes with a Cheeky Cheat Sheet that teaches users how to apply blush, depending on the shape of their face. “We’ve always been a fan of putting cheat sheets in our packaging so makeup newbies can still enjoy our products,” shares Jacque. Adds Rissa, “Besides, makeup should always be easy and effortless for women!”
What's a collection low down without swatches, right? Here are some skin swatches of the limited edition items shot under the shade. :)

top left-right:
Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies in Hold My Hand and Bride-to-Be
Get Cheeky With Me 2-in-1 blush in Just Peachy and Bride-to-Be

Shut Up & Kiss Me Lip & Cheek Mousses in The Morning After and Summer Crush

Happy Skin is available at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La, Beauty Bar, Plains & Prints, The SM Store Makati and Mall of Asia, and Watsons Mall of Asia. You can also shop online at www.happyskincosmetics.com where they'd deliver door to door locally and internationally for over 250 countries.
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