Summer Around The World at Beauty Bar

 WARNING: Major enabling below c/o a super tan kitty!

Happy Hump Day! :) How's summer treating you? As you can see, I am baking every stressful bit away in very high SPF (always!). If you're stuck in the city or the heat's just not your flavour of summer fun, Beauty Bar is determined to take you around the world to various summer getaways without leaving their stores!

Yesterday afternoon, in between another killer dental appointment and bottomless coffee, I hopscotched my way to Beauty Bar Central Square in BGC to join other beauty addicts for an afternoon of chic trips and treats. Entering Central Square, I was welcomed by a Summer Carnivale slash hair styling bar.

I naturally took this opportunity to amp up some volume on my tresses. ;)

Hi Liz! :)

Guests had the chance to get a touch-up at the Parisian Summer corner. I on the other hand checked out various brands and testers and I chanced on this Smashbox bestseller called Soft Lights in PRISM. I've had this in the past and if you're having a not-so pretty day, just brush this on your cheeks for an instant and extra fine lift without harsh shimmers.

Massage at the Asian Beach Vibes anyone? AHHHHH. The neck and back massage was so good! If I wasn't wearing something dainty, I would've had these body lotions in a tub from Bomb Cosmetics slapped on pronto!

So I had a good problem yesterday -- my DIY Girl Stuff nail lacquer still looked fresh from last Friday that I didn't get to have a complimentary Dashing Diva mani. Here's what I lusted on their display -- Dashing Diva Design FX (nail stickers). Have you ladies tried these?

Moving another floor up, the ladies were nooked over the Surf To The Oz counter getting themselves sized up for Lulu DK Tattoos. These temporary jewelry tattoos are chic, pretty, and non-invasive. So gorg!

my mermaid branding xx

Let's do a quick store tour, shall we?

Beauty Bar Central Square is located at the second floor of the said mall. It's the 30th branch of the 16-year old one stop beauty boutique.

Wait. Let's back up a bit -- Beauty Bar is 16 years old this 2015. That means I've been shopping with them since junior high. I feel like a true makeup hoarder lola! :P

Going back to the store 411, it boasts 261 square meters of floor space and 50 square meters of which is occupied by Dashing Diva. It's the latest concept shop of the brand that stands out from the classic powder blue interiors of its other stores. This branch is in white and gray with accents of gold and red. Making sure that it's still soft and feminine, you will see hand-painted murals of leaves, birds, and hearts splashed on its pristine white walls. Taking a cue from its freshly made over interiors, you will also notice the staff are dressed in chic black with red print details.

Here are some cuts and corners that grabbed my attention yesterday:

 Mmmmm soap bars and flakes <333

Did you know that it's Beauty Bar that first brought Burt's Bees to the Philippines in 2001? Ditto with Philosophy and Smashbox.

So much feels c/o Philosophy *snicker*

 One of my favourite European beauty brands -- ARTDECO <333

Instant 90s flash back thanks to MoodMatcher :)

Cute and playful packaging by YADAH

This is the EVA NYC volumizing spray used on me. My fine hair was nice and bouncy for 4 hours. :)

Oui! K-Palette! They have new products I can't wait to share with you!

What's a trip to Beauty Bar without checking out Happy Skin? These are the new products coming up for review very soon! :)

Ending the trip with some beautiful, blushing madness from The Balm.

Find the newest Beauty Bar store on the 2nd floor of Central Square (5th Avenue corner 30th Street, BGC).  You can also shop your Beauty Bar favourites online at
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