Daily Luxe: Zen Body Treatments at NEO Day Spa BGC

There are Mondays and there are Mmmmmondays. I was rummaging over my archives when I thought — has it really been 3 years since I first had a treatment at NEO Day Spa? I used to frequent the Wilson (Greenhills) branch until I moved back to the south a year ago. Since I got to try the Hanakasumi Nourishing Ritual, it’s been one of my bi-monthly indulgences. I shuffle it with the Deep Tissue Massage or Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, depending on what I feel like having for the day.

Just before I whisked myself to Cebu, I got a really sweet surprise in my email. NEO Day Spa through Nikki invited to treat me and a plus one to our Zen Body Treatment of choice! I’ve been meaning to try something this extensive for a while now but I’m just not sure of the time commitment. Blocking 2 1/2 hours off of my books is extremely challenging but my body was screaming for much needed reboot. Flipping through my planner, I found that Monday to be open and hey — why not start the week in zen right? :)

Before I go into the details of the treatment I had, can we just focus on the spa interiors for a sec? It’s so clean and chica through and through. If this was a house, I can totally live here!

I’ve been to many spas in and out of the country and the ambiance definitely plays a huge factor in both the comfort and cost of service. In NEO Day Spa's case, I’d say that their price points are fair not just because of the ambiance but the consistency (very critical to me!) and quality of service.

This is the room (yes, that’s a shower stall) we stayed at. If you have very sensitive ears, since it’s situated across the street, you might hear some horns and car brakes honking and tooting. There’s soothing audio to go with your treatment and it helps a lot masking the unwanted sounds. Too, once you’re settled in the room, the attendant will ask if both the audio and room temp is ok before you get started.

Ready to move on to the treatments we got?

I chose the Wasabi Body Polish (Php 1700, 60 mins) + Zen Bodywork Aromatherapy Massage (Php 1650, 90 mins/Php 2150, 120mins) to assist in detoxing and reducing puffiness of my skin. The body polish smelled heavenly, very reminiscent of The Body Shop’s Olive Oil scent. To restore and protect the skin from environmental aggressors, my spa date tried the Green Tea Body Scrub (Php 1700, 60 mins) to go with the same massage. Both scrubs were nice and warmed (above) prior to sloughing off our dead skin. After scrubbing us from neck down, the scrub was left on for some 20 minutes before rinsing. We were wrapped using the same plastic we laid on. It was surprisingly comfortable even if my body polish was salt based (my skin usually stings esp. on the inner elbows and neck).

Getting the scrub out was relatively easy, we just had to shower, rinse, and soap ourselves off. We’re handed a fresh set of towels and another pair of disposable underwear for an hour and a half of seriously delish massage. I mentioned consistency being critical to me and that’s the first thing I noticed when I was 10-15 minutes into the massage. The weight and quality of strokes were very consistent, similar to my previous treatments at the Wilson branch.

Sipping my extra hot ginger tea post-massage I thought 1) all Mondays should be like this 3) holy guacamole — my entire body is as soft and smooth as a baby’s butt! and 2) I can definitely get used to this. :)

To experience the same bliss and spoiling we got from NEO Day Spa, book an appointment for yourself (and a +1 if you’re feeling generous) through the contact details below:

Neo Day Spa – Bonifacio Global City
G/F Net One Center Building
26th Street corner 3rd Avenue Bonifacio Global City
Telephone: +6328158233, +6328156948
Operating Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 1pm to 11pm, Friday, Saturday, Holidays: 12nn to 11pm
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