So Much Cuteness: CLIO Peripera Fashion People's Carrier K-Pop Girl in Girlish Pink

August 22, 2017
Hello. My name is Phoebe and I'm a little too hooked on super cute pink things. Case point:

I got these from @RRKoreanShop on Instagram and ugh they're so pretty! <3 Renee of the said shop was kind enough to give me some freebees too.

Back to my haul, I only intended to purchase the Monthly New Feet masks because they're SO GOOD. They're very much like Baby Foot for so much less. Then again, how can I resist this cuteness?

Like HOW??? It's so perf to try out Peripera's best sellers for the face and lips for less than Php 1000 (I got this from @RRKoreanShop for Php 950).

This super cute sampler comes in two case and themes: K-Pop pink and New York yellow. There's no difference between the kit's content though so getting both will just make your boudoirs extra pretty and fun. :) Here's a breakdown of its content:
  • Ink Airy Velvet No 5. - Elf Light Rose (2.5g)
  • Vivid Tint Water No. 3 - Apple Squeeze (3.5g)
  • Ink Velvet No 2 - So Grapefruit (2.7g)
  • Ink Concealer No. 1 - Vanilla (4.2g)
  • Ink Multi Shadowing (2.5g)
  • Super Cute DIY Stickers
Some swatches because #swatchesarelife:

Ink Concealer No. 1 - Vanilla and Ink Multi Shadowing
These are both super creamy and long lasting!

left to right
Vivid Tint Water No. 3 - Apple Squeeze
Ink Airy Velvet No 5. - Elf Light Rose
Ink Velvet No 2 - So Grapefruit

I was super excited about these lip products because they have low commitment (heehee) and well, it's what made Peripera big here in the Philippines. They smell so nice and apply like a charm. Do they last long? There's my hand after wiping and washing my skin with some facial cleanser:

Are you as hooked as I am on K-beauty? What are your must haves? Checkout my Instagram @phoebeannramos for dibs on my back to back purchases from @RRKoreanShop. <3
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