SPEND vs. SAVE: Contour Cream Kits

Anastasia Contour Cream Kit in Fair, $40

FACT CHECK: in the world of contouring, I've come to prove over time that cream is so much easier to apply than powder. Unlike powders, making a (creamy) mistake is not as intimidating. You just need to blend carefully and your face is good as new. Best, it marries well with most if not all liquid foundations I've tried esp. drugstore liquid formulas. It looks so natural and lasts all day given it's set properly. No wonder Anastasia Contour Cream Kit is so well loved and coveted!

If you're like me, coughing up $40 for a palette that I'll likely use 3-4x a week max is a little too much. I sure need it (Hello jawlines? Where are you?) but $40 is still $40. I was so bummed to see in IG that these palettes went on mad sale at TJ MAXX for $13ish just when I got home from the US.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, the makeup fairies from Imagic sent me their Contour Cream Kit in Light (Php 750 at BeautyMNL.com).

Imagic is a Hong Kong-based cult professional makeup brand that aims to provide functional yet economical alternatives to the mainstream. The Imagic assortment features a wide range of professional basics, from color correctors to contour kits, as well as a selection of fun lipsticks and blushers. Let this makeup artist fave upgrade your beauty arsenal instantly.

Unwrapping the thrice wrapped package, I thought heyyy this is so much like the Anastasia Contour Cream Kit in Fair sans the price tag!

left to right
Banana, Vanilla, Cool Pink, Cream, Nude, Cinnamon

These superstars apply really creamy and set nicely to a demi-matte finish. I like that these are waterproof (just in time for the rainy season) and don't smell like anything. Used alone, top 3 shades are too light for my medium complexion. I can imagine toying with them for facial feature transformation this coming long weekend. Cream is perfect for my undereyes while Nude is a perfect salmon base for extra dark under eye areas. Cinnamon is too dark for me to contour as is so I mix it with a little Vanilla to bring my jawlines out and cheekbones up!

To purchase this palette and complementing Imagic products (I'm totally eyeing on the 12-Flash Color Palette for my birthday!), visit https://beautymnl.com/brands/imagic.
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