The Latest and Greatest K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliners

Can the best get even better? K-Palette thinks so! They recently launched the reformulated 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliners (Php 795) making it super waterproof, easier to draw with, vivid colour, eye & lash care, and easier to remove with warm water plus doesn't stain the skin. WHEW! That's a whole lot of good stuff -- exactly why these are my HG eyeliner since forever! :)

top to bottom
Super Black, Natural Black (new shade!), Deep Brown, Brown Black

left to right
single swipe of Brown Black, Deep Brown, Natural Black, Super Black

I got kind of scared with Natural Black because based on the swatch above, it seemed so light to even be classified as a black shade. I thought it might be great and visible to someone with fair skin but not on my golden-hued lids (more so if I'm already wearing eye shadow). I remembered a little later though that I didn't shake it before use. How silly! Correcting my mistake, the results of my second swatching was much more promising. This new shade is even perfect for everyday when I want to open up my eyes without making it too obvious (like with Brown Black) or making it pop out of my entire look (the look I get from Super Black).

left to right
3 layers, 4 layers, 2 layers, and 1 layer of Natural Black

I also had my favourite shade on hand, Brown Black and thought of swatching the old and new formula side by side to see if there's a change in colour.

top/left - new formula, bottom/right - older formula

left - old formula, right - new formula
x and check had 5 layers on

As you can see in the swatch showdown above, Brown Black's new formula has a much more brown tone to it, making it more natural looking than the older formula. I think the brush is identical but the new formula does layer on much smoother than the old formula even after 5 layers. It clung on my lids (without staining them) the entire day too until I decided to take them out using just warm water. Super win for our crazy, humid climate!

The new K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliners are now available in Beauty Bar stores nationwide, select Rustan's and Beauty by SM, Metro Gaisano Department stores, Chimes Davao,, and
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  1. I would love to try Natural brown!

  2. Nice the new formula! Looks like it won't fade agad.