Thrice As Nice: BLK Cosmetics

I finally found the luxury of time and a not-so busy BLK Cosmetics counter last weekend! :) I've been lemming to try out their stuff for the longest time but mannnnn they have one of the busiest Beauty by SM counters out there! My mom was far more resilient than I am, braving one counter with me a while back where she got a lipstick for herself. Case point:

Anyway, one of the reasons why I wanted unhurried time checking out their stuff is for me to better try their All-Day Matte Powder Foundation (Php 399):

When I first tried it I was all meh about it because I found it too powdery. Yesterday, I only had my skin care on so I thought why not give this another swig using my Beauty Blender (I don't carry one around all the time but was definitely glad I had one on hand LOL).

The results were much, much better. Melt-worthy, second skin finish but definitely cleaner and appears to be put together without the too-made up look. It also didn't oxidize during the time I was going around the mall (~1 hour?). So good, dreamy, and budget friendly that I carted one immediately.

The other reason why I went to their counters is due to serious buyer's remorse. I've been seriously lemming for the limited edition Bridal All-Day Intense Matte Lipsticks, a special release in time for Anne's (close?) wedding weekend. I saw them and oh wow -- definitely my daily colors. Very chica yet boardroom safe.

I Do x Mon Amour

I Do x Mon Amour

Ang ganda diba? My biggest regret's not purchasing them together when they were first offered online for a little over Php 500 for both lipsticks in a pretty box. :-/ Still, at Php 349 each, they were great purchases that I'd recommend for oneself and as gifts to give away to your favourite gal pal or boss (hint, hint) this holiday season. Packaging's a 10/10, colour's a 10/10 and payoff's an 8/10. Its longevity and finish is reminiscent of the infamous Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Matte Lipsticks. Comfortable to wear, decently lasts over a cup of coffee and half a day's worth of work. Just like with any matte lipstick: make sure your lips are free of dry (skin) bits else it will be amplified by this formula.
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